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Are you planning to renovate your apartment or your villa ?

We can renovate your apartment or your villa to give it its sheen back with the guarantee provided by our highest standards of quality.

Should you renovate, here are your benefits :

  • A personalized relation with our our team members
  • We possess your property’s layouts and other technical information pertaining to your house or villa
  • You get an estimate protecting from any unpleasant surprise
  • We provide our expertise and a one-year warranty on the entirety of the construction work

We accompany you from design to delivery :

  • Description of the intended work and first estimate of the overall budget :
    • All structural work
    • Exterior woodwork (frames, solar screens, canopies…)
    • Specialty works (electricity, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning…)
    • Plastering and screeds
    • Interior woodwork (doors and cabinets)
    • Floor and wall covering (wood floor, tiling, painting)
    • Kitchen and sanitary facilities
    • Security (alarm, armored door, safes)
    • Decoration (blinds, curtains, lighting, upholstering)
  • Feasibility technical study (with the assistance of an architect and/or an engineer if necessary)
  • Preparation of a detailed estimate
  • Planning and execution of the work
  • Construction site supervision
  • Delivery and reception of the works