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Some advice to safely buy your new property

Having decided to purchase a property, whether in its project phase or under construction, you are facing the following procedures:

Information and provisional sales contract:

  • Collect the most complete set of information concerning the property through a thorough reading of plans and the basic deed as well as specifications.

  • Signature of a preliminary provisional sales contract describing the property in its final state and confirming its price as well as the payment terms.
  • Payment of the guarantee deposit (5%) on sales price, to be deducted from the total cost for the acquisition of the building lot related to the acquired property.

Note: you may request the presence of your notary at the time of signature of the provisional sales contract. This procedure allows heirs to pursue the purchasing procedure in case of death prior to the finalization of the property deed.

Signature of the final deed at the notary’s:

The signature of the certified deed at the notary’s extensively confirms the details briefly listed in the provisional sales contract and confers an irrevocable state to the transaction (transcript and registration). This stage takes place no more than 4 months after signature of the provisional sales contract.

    • payment of land portion related to the acquired property, after deduction of the instalment paid upon signature of the provisional sales contract;

    • payment of registration fees (12.5 %) on the land portion related to the acquired property;

    • payment of notary fees, various costs and portion of notary fee for establishment of the residence notary deed;
    • payment of the constructions value (+ VAT) prorated to the actual state of achievement of the building upon signature of the notary deed (officially certified by the architect);

Note: you may invite your own notary, without any additional cost. 

Options related to the finishing of the property:

Between signature of the selling contract and final key remittance, we will invite you to define different options related to the finishing of the property, in accordance to specifications of the schedule of conditions and according to the achievement process and other possible building needs.

    • Payment of the constructions value (+ VAT) in successive installments, according to the real achievement stage upon date of invoice.

Upon remittance of the keys, you will check the delivered property - together with us and our architect - and sign for its provisional reception.

Note: you may also be assisted by an expert, at your own expense

    • Payment of the balance of the constructions value (+ VAT) and possible additional coasts, after deduction of all previous instalments.