By offering a comprehensive
menu of services, Sogerim aims to be
your preferred partner.

Private Rental Management Service

The Private Rental Management Service offers a professional answer to investors who wish to entrust the daily follow-up of their real estate investment to a dedicated partner.

It covers all aspects of listing an apartment or a house for rent.

Purchase / Sales - Rental

We provide our clients with a real estate brokerage service. The owner therefore benefits from our expertise (technical, commercial, fiscal and legal) from the assessment to the drafting of the sales agreement.

Before renting

  • Overseeing possible refreshing works
  • Putting the property on the rental market
  • Drafting the lease agreement
  • heck-in inventory coordination (assisted by an independent expert)

During rental

  • Checking and receiving monthly rents
  • Rental indexing
  • Charges breakdown
  • Overseeing repairs - maintenance

After rental

  • Check-out inventory coordination (assisted by an independent expert)
  • Complete vacating statement

The Private Rental Management Service gives you the following benefits:

A single point of contact for both landlord and tenant

A daily professional follow-up

The safety of real estate ownership
free from management hassle



We renovate your apartment or villa in order to restore it to its full splendour, with the guarantee that it will comply with our highest quality standards.

The benefits of renovation:

  • A privileged relation with our team
  • We possess your property’s blueprints and other technical information pertaining to your house or villa
  • You get an estimate to avoid any unpleasant surprise
  • We provide our expertise and a one-year warranty on the entirety of the construction work

We accompany you from design to delivery:

  • Description of the intended work and first estimate of the overall budget:

    • All structural work
    • Exterior woodwork (frames, solar screens, canopies…)
    • Specialty works (electricity, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning …)
    • Plastering and screeds
    • Interior woodwork (doors and cabinets)
    • Floor and wall covering (parquet, tiling, painting)
    • Kitchen and sanitary facilities
    • Security (alarm, armoured door, safes)
    • Decoration (blinds, curtains, lighting, upholstering)
  • Technical feasibility study (with the assistance of an architect and/or an engineer if necessary)
  • Preparation of a detailed estimate
  • Planning and execution of the work
  • Construction site supervision
  • Delivery and reception of the works

Resale of Sogerim apartments and villas

Do you own a Sogerim apartment or villa?

Do you wish to resell it?

We are at your disposal to bring your property into mint condition.

Your benefits if you want to sell:

  • You benefit from a privileged relationship because you already are a Sogerim customer
  • We have an all-encompassing knowledge of your situation
  • You benefit from our expertise (technical, commercial, fiscal and legal) from the assessment to the drafting of the sales agreement
  • We may already know the future buyer

The buyer’s benefits:

  • As a promoter, we advantageously expand the new offerings with first-class properties whose record we know perfectly well.
  • As a manufacturer, we guarantee prime quality.
  • As a general contractor, we can assess and coordinate any refreshing work.
  • Through our global approach (Developer, Builder, Seller), we offer the most comprehensive support possible.

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