Sogerim values
the talents and skills of 
of each worker.

High-end locations

Present in Brussels for more than 40 years, Sogerim has left its mark on the most coveted districts of Brussels and its periphery (Auderghem, Ixelles, Uccle, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Watermael-Boitsfort or even Kraainem and Wezembeek-Oppem).

Quality at all levels

  • Carrying out the structural work by its own teams

    Les Entreprises Orban, sister company of Sogerim, has developed expertise in the construction of residential, tertiary and industrial buildings since 1924. Benefiting from the know-how of loyal and qualified workers succeeding one another from father to son in the execution of structural work, Entreprises Orban carries out all new construction, renovations and finish works.

  • State-of-the-art techniques and finishes down to the smallest detail

    The Sogerim style is reflected in meticulous finishes, combining aesthetics, comfort and technical qualities. Perfect control of acoustic and thermal insulation in accordance with the principle of energy saving, as well as management by home automation, provides long-lasting added value. Particular attention is also paid to the security (mechanical and electronic) of each project.


Personalised monitoring
at each stage of the project

You will benefit from tailor-made assistance as soon as you acquire your property. You’re assured of building site monitoring and precise reporting on the progress of the work. We offer you the possibility of designing a fully personalised living space according to your wishes. Therefore, each apartment within the same building is unique.


Long-term services and support

Sogerim assists you in carrying out maintenance, repair or renovation work beyond the legal ten-year guarantee on the stability and waterproofing of the building.

In addition, Sogerim supports you in the resale or rental of your property.

Discover our services

Technical performance

Mastery of technical specificities and electronic equipment allows you to benefit from unprecedented comfort.

Whether in terms of sound insulation, energy saving, mechanical and electronic safety or even home automation, Sogerim will always offer you a solution adapted to your needs.



Our sound insulation techniques are the result of more than 40 years of experience and research and are from the start integrated in the design of our constructions. Sogerim ensures compliance with the highest standards in this area by calling on independent laboratories.

Mechanical and electronic safety

The implemented mechanical security elements range from the high-security armoured door to the "panic room", including burglar-proof glazing and motorised locks.

In order to detect any intrusion, in addition to video intercom, Sogerim apartment buildings are equipped with video surveillance systems as well as alarm systems linked 24/7 to a remote monitoring center to guarantee a rapid and adequate response. If necessary, a private patrol can be dispatched to the scene.

Energy saving / ecology

Sogerim subscribes to a sustainable and ecological approach. In order to obtain highly energy-efficient buildings, the company focuses on thermal insulation, optimization of the heating system, heat recovery and the use of rainwater.

Home automation

Home automation offers you the convenience of the combined management of lighting, heating, shutters or even solar tents into one flexible and intelligent system.

Hi-fi B&O

In collaboration with the engineers from Bang & Olufsen Tele Prince Uccle, Sogerim offers an integrated multimedia system to enjoy sound and vision in every room.

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